Shrm Certification In Nigeria

If you are looking to go to Canada, this certification is for you.

There are many reasons to pick up the HR certification.

For a Raise. Promotion. Career Transition.  Relocation.

However, deciding on what HR certification best suits you will be largely determined by your qualification, work experience, competency need and job role requirement. (To learn more click HERE).

The Society for Human Resources Management certification (SHRM) is a global certification for HR professionals with headquarters in the United States. This means that this certification can be used anywhere in the world including Canada.

Why is SHRM the Best HR Certification for Canada?

HR professionals in both the US and Canada which are next-door neighbors both share similar issues. Regardless of their similarities, they are also a few differences. Take for instance; work cultures aren’t quite the same. In general, Canadian workers have more workplace rights and job protections under the law. This tells you that knowledge from the SHRM certification can easily be adaptable in Canada.

This leads us to the second important reason why you should choose the SHRM certification if you are looking at relocating to Canada.

In 2016, Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations (CCHRA)  now The Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Canada (CPHR Canada, agreed to work with The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Both parties signed a memorandum of understanding to advance the HR profession together

The agreement lets both parties come together for joint research, professional development programs, shared access to some member benefits, information and content sharing, and further alignment and mutual recognition of CPHR and SHRM credentials and certifications.

CPHR members in good standing can receive the SHRM designation while members in good standing having the SHRM CP (Certified Professional) and SHRM SCP (Senior Certified Professional) designation can receive the CPHR designation by following an agreed-to pathway.

This relationship means you can work immediately or even get an HR job before you relocate to Canada.

Writing The CPHR Or SHRM Exam

The CPHR is a local exam to Canadian HR professionals. Just like the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) is a local exam to Nigeria practicing HR Professionals.

Your guess is right, the CPHR exam can only be written in Canada.

But there is a way out. Earn the SHRM Certification in Nigeria.

The SHRM certification training has often been described as an expensive certification. Earning it in Nigeria can cost over N1, 000, 000 with the down side of not passing the exam at first sitting. SHRM even published that 41% of professionals who sat for the SHRM-SCP February window in 2020 passed. That’s really low but, the good news is, you don’t have to spend so much and you can be guaranteed passing your exam at first try here in Nigeria.

Also, the SHRM certification is written in windows. Unlike its other HR Certification counterpart, the HRCI certification, which allows participant’s take the exam every day in the year, the SHRM exam is written just twice a year – Spring and Winter.

Benefits Of Writing The SHRM Certification In Nigeria

  1. HIGH GLOBAL ACCEPTANCE: The SHRM certification is a global certification. It can be used anywhere in the world and has a strong acceptance by organizations. So it’s not strange to see organizations in other countries placing the SHRM certification as one of the requirements for an HR position. HR professionals holding either the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certifications are held in high regard anywhere in the world. No matter what country you are looking to apply, you can be rest assured your SHRM certification got you covered.
  2. IMMEDIATE CPHR MEMBERSHIP: Especially for professionals looking to relocate to Canada, the SHRM certification grantees an immediate CPHR membership via the International / non-resident transfer path. As mentioned earlier, your SHRM membership can be transferred to CPHR because of the mutual agreement between SHRM certification and CPHR. Automatically, you will be skipping the CPHR exam.
  1. INCREASE EARNINGS: HR certification gives HR professionals a boost in their pay. Even this pay boost varies based on industry, experience and work locations, Professionals with the SHRM certification are highly paid than their fellow professionals without any certification. Pay even increases as certification increases.
  2. LEARN HOW IT APPLIES TO THE NIGERIAN WORKFORCE: As much as you are looking to work outside the country. You are still working in Nigeria. Taking your SHRM training here in Nigeria grantees that you understand how all these knowledge can be applied to you locally. Remember that the SHRM certification has a US centered curriculum. Taking the SHRM training from another country may become a struggle for a practicing HR professional in Nigeria to apply to her locale.
  3. LESS EXPENSIVE: The SHRM certification is quite an expensive certification to have and maintain. Great news though, you have options to select from here in Nigeria to fit your budget. However, you want to most importantly be concerned about the pass rate of any training intuition you decide to go with. Ensure you are getting value from the training, guaranteed exam success, adequate preparatory material and after class support from the training institute. They should be genuinely concerned on seeing you pass your exams and not just attending their trainings.
  4. GET A JOB OPPORTUNITY OUTSIDE NIGERIA: Having your SHRM certification here in Nigeria before you even relocation plans can have another amazing peck to it – applying to jobs outside Nigeria. A quick way to also relocate out of Nigeria is get an organization requesting for you because you have been hired. I am sure you know it sure makes the Visa process really smooth. So no, you don’t have to wait for till you are out of country before you start looking for a job.

How Long Does The SHRM Certification Training Take?

So can you train in Nigeria? Of course, you can.

But to beat the success rate, ensure you take an SHRM training from a certified SHRM instructor plus extensive study. Anyone who has passed the SHRM exam will tell you, training and study is the key to your exam success.

You can be ready for the SHRM certification exam in 8 weeks with a full payback guarantee on the SHRM training (http://certificationedge.com/shrm-certification/).

The entire training package will cover:

  1. 4 Days intensive training covering all the competency knowledge areas required by the SHRM body.
  2. 35 Contact Hours Class room training guaranteed
  3. 100% exam success money back guarantee
  4. Exam Question dumps. (Over 1500 questions).
  5. SHRM Exam Prep Books
  6. Certificate of completion
  7. 24×7 learner assistance and support
  8. Access to training slides

 In conclusion

The SHRM certification is a great choice for any HR professional looking to grow globally, increase their earning or getting a new job / promotion. You can ace it at first sitting but find the right partner to hold your hands and walk through every process. For more information, contact our support team.

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