ONE of the realities for upward mobility is Learning.

Today, the world moves much faster than it did even five to 10 years ago, and there’s more competition than ever.

A feeling of staleness can encroach as new technologies continue to be developed and implemented in the workplace, and the younger generation comes in with new skills, reshaping the modern workplace.

For HR leaders to be relevant and given their space in Organizational Leadership, lifelong learning is fundamental to long-term success.

Although an average Nigerian prefers to buy pizza than pay for learning. They fight body kwashiorkor but can survive mental kwashiorkor.

Growing old on the job doesn’t mean you are growing up, although you can easily get away with ignorance.

Learning in our age must be conscious, we must seek it with all we ’ve gotten or else we will become a dinosaur in a few years to come.

The knowledge you are exposed to determines the level of your illumination and critical reasoning. You surely don’t want to get into an argument

with an ignorant person.

Ignorance makes you parochial

Competency gaps have different levels, you don’t know how bad yours is until you visit a doctor (mind coach) or a friend who is proactive about learning. We usually don’t know how bad our eyes are until we visit an optician

What you haven’t been exposed to, please don’t condemn to justify ignorance. I have heard people say that reading all these foreign personal development books don’t work…. this really makes me ponder and wonder … and conclude that it is a sound of ignorance.

Although a lot of people read books and acquire certifications without putting it to use, that doesn’t disqualify the importance of reading and acquiring certifications. Just like a lot of people go to school but few people let the school pass through them, that still does not disqualify going to the university.

Just like the saying “Knowledge is not power, but the use of knowledge is “.

The level of impact and transformation experienced when you go through a competency and application-based certification preparatory class and exam cannot be overemphasized.

To move up we must continually read, learn and write certifications to validate our knowledge by a world-recognized body, without this validation, it is hard to substantiate the quality of knowledge we have acquired. We won’t know the importance until you desire to move from being a local to a global player looking for global opportunity

Learning is continuous, “the more I learn, the more I learn there is more to learn.

Although knowledge can be acquired from several means however the good thing about global exams is that it exposes you to a certain level of knowledge and global practice across several nations in the world, in which until you travel and work in this global corporations you cannot be exposed to it. More so, if the person you are learning from at work is rusty and ignorant of certain things, then you are in for a future catastrophe.

Let’s keep our hands crossed and watch, the future is closer than we think. Please take note “there must be something to learn if HR leaders and executives working with global corporations all over the world are pursuing these global certifications then it cannot be useless.

Most people condemn things for two reasons “to justify their ignorance” or “to maintain the monopoly of knowledge”.

We only seek medical assistance when our disease becomes acute after been triggered by certain activities, even though we deal with chronic disease day by day. Not everyone who looks healthy is not sick.

I have been a voracious reader and learner in the past 17 years, investing a lot of dollars in books, local and global learnings. My perspectives were formed because of constant exposure to learning.

The cost of not reading and writing certifications is more than the cost of writing. The cost of ignorance is high.

I can also say categorically that people who have been exposed to only one of the certifications cannot be compared to people who have been exposed to all.

I have been privileged to train and guide a lot of HR Leaders through acquiring all, and I can testify that people with all are more exposed and more informed than people with one.

Get Trained and Get Certified Today and clarify your doubts.

You cannot learn how to swim by analyzing and speaking from afar. You can only learn if you dive and immerse yourself.

Looking forward to having everyone in class soon.

Upskill yourself Now or Prepare for extinction.
Ajibola Bamidele is the Managing Partner with Kaizen Blitz Consulting, Country Manager with Certification Edge and the present founder of The Maverick Leadership Center, a non-for-profit organization. An astute HR professional, trainer, sales coach and entrepreneur. He revolutionized HR certification in Nigeria, by coaching over 1000 practitioners in the space of five years to earn one of HR certification Institute global badge. A rigorous entrepreneur with strong grit, passionate for human change and transformation. An author of two books Thrive or die and Sell or you are sold. A consultant to several start up
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