The Society for Human Resource Management HR courses are SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). This two SHRM certification training in Nigeria will make you standout among you peers. Just like HRCi courses, SHRM certification will make you experience career growth, advancement, and international recognition.

The SHRM certified professional and the SHRM senior certified professional displays HR managers superior skills and knowledge. This is because the SHRM certification holders are trained to maintain an industry-leading level of excellence and relevance. Simply put, they operate with superior skills that regular HR personnel do not possess.

This piece of credential displays your competency, knowledge and value to colleagues and your employer. It gives the holder a better competitive edge over his or her peers both at work and in the job hunting space.

According to HR Certification Institute, “certification demonstrates an employees’ commitment to the HR profession, adds validity and credibility to the department, assures current and up-to-date knowledge, and provides opportunities for development”.

The SHRM certification confers a global validation on holders as a recognized expert in the HR space. SHRM credential demonstrates that you possess the essential knowledge to lead any organization to success today.

Furthermore, it establishes that you are indeed a technical expert. And that you have gained mastery of the application of HR technical and behavioral competencies, through practice and experience, to drive desired business results.

Benefits of SHRM Certification To Individual

The SHRM (CP-SCP) certification comes with the benefits below for individuals and also promote your relevance to organizations.

1. SHRM Certification Increases Your Knowledge

Knowledge is always an investment that pays the best interest. According to Brian Tracy “Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn…” This credential gives you a global validation that you are better than your peers and thus very key to organizational growth.

2. It Strengthen Your Resume

This credential adds colour to your resumes. It tells employers that you are the best man for the job. Also, it shows that you are a growth enthusiast. When it comes to consideration in the interview hall or for promotion, the SHRM certification will stand you out.

3. Leads to Sharp Salary Increase

According to survey done by Payscale, having HR Certification leads to increase in your pay. Organizations are always willing to pay well to keep those with superior knowledge employed. “The Value of PHR and SPHR Certifications: Sugar Coating or Career Sweetener?“, a study by Payscale, examines the worth of Professional in Human Resources. The study shows that HR professionals can add more than $20,000 to their annual salaries by obtaining specialized certifications.

4. SHRM Certification Demonstrate Your Commitment to HR

The credential clearly shows that you are committed to HR. It dictates that the holder is a futuristic HR profession and an asset to any organization.

5. It Leads to Promotion/Employment Without Requisite Experience

Obtaining this HR certification could lead to promotion in your organization without the necessary years of experience. Employers always want to promote employees capable of doing the job exceptionally well. Those able to function under pressure and make productive decisions fast. Your certification shows that you possess superior knowledge that older staffs don’t have and thus the best man for the job.

Similarly, you are more likely to get employed even when you don’t have the necessary experience needed for the position over those with experience because you possess superior knowledge.

6. Global Recognition

The credential demonstrates that you have attained worldwide relevance, professionals recognition and flexibility to use your knowledge, skills and competencies anywhere your career takes you. You get enlisted as one of the verifiable HR professionals in the world.

7. Increases The Reputation of Your Company

Having HR professionals in a company increases her reputation and gives the organization competitive edge over others. These are advantages company leverage to gain more contracts and show their ability to handle more challenging projects.

SHRM Certification Cost

The SHRM certification cost in Nigeria is $520 standard, with a $75 early bird registration discount provided by certification edge.

SHRM Certification Requirement

Just like PMP and PHRi, this HR credential has qualifications and experience requirement you must meet before you can take the course. See certification requirement details here.


The competition is becoming stiffer today more than ever. Therefore to standout on the job or during employment process, you need an unmatched edge over your peers and SHRM certification provides you with that.

With this credential, you can show that you are a better candidate for the promotion, employment or the right person to handle higher projects.

Do your have any questions regarding SHRM certifications, please ask in the comment section or contact support.

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