Being a project manager is one thing, Possessing the qualities of a good project manager is another.
As Jim Larrañaga succinctly stated “I always tell the kids, you know what’s great about going the extra mile? There’s very little traffic.”

Distinguishing yourself as a project manager like everything else requires doing more. Acquiring a PMP, Project Management Professional Certification means that you have the skills, adequate knowledge and global principles for project execution. A perfect round peg in a round whole.

Be that as it may, there is need to shine brighter in your career path. Granted that your PMP, Project Management Professional Certification will immediately separate you from the crowd and get you employment and business contracts/deals.
You however need to imbibe qualities on the job which separates you from others. This will take you to the less traffic domain where there are more mouthwatering offers.


7 Essential Qualities Of A Good Project Manager:

  1. Good Leadership Skills

As a PMP, Project Management Professional, it is essential that your Team stays motivated and are driven to attain extra ordinary performance and achieve set goals.
According to Ronald Reagan “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

As a PMP, Project Management Professional, ability to communicate effectively is key. Though innate qualities help in effective communication, the essential are always things you can learn without any such inborn trait.
You must clearly explain the overall project goals and how everyone fits in. Telling each member their tasks, responsibilities, expectations and feedback where necessary.

  1. Technical Expertise

There are technicalities to every project execution and the difference between a PMP, Project Management Professional with technical “know how” and a Certified PMP, Project Management Professional with technical expertise is ENHANCED KNOWLEDGEABILITY & EXCELLENT DELIVERY.

  1. Risk management

One of the key determinate of a PMP, Project Management Professional, is their ability to manage and mitigate risk. Projects come with risks but a great PMP, Project Management Professional, can reduce the risks.

Though PMI-PBA certification gives an edge in this area, project risk management is most effectively practiced by knowledgeable PMP, Project Management Professional.

A great PMP, Project Management Professional can foresee risks in an ongoing project and manage them effectively till the execution phase.

  1. Good Decision Making

Effective decision making in project management is not just about making the right decisions, it is about making the right decision at the right time, as there are always major decisions to be taking during the lifetime of a project. PMP, Project Management Professionals are good decision makers.

  1. Function Under Pressure Seamlessly

There are bound to be incidents that could take a toll on the project’s speed and thereby testing the project manager’s ability to function under pressure. It is essential that a PMP, Project Management Professional keeps his calm and can navigate issues thoroughly so as not to lose himself and affect the project and team members.


  1. Competency

Certified PMP, Project Management Professionals, are informed on all aspect of project management. They know what decision to take in different scenarios. This is the breeding ground of competence, as there is no competency without adequate knowledge.



There is no doubt that knowledge is the driver of great success and as a project manager, the right place to continuously start building knowledge is with PMP, Project Management Professional Certification or CAPM, Certified Associate in Project Management if you decide to embark on the project management journey where you are exposed to new ways of executing projects before going further to PMI-PMP, Project Management Professional and PMI-PBA, Professional Business Analysis to standout amongst your peers and above.

Certainly, there are other factors that can determine the success or failure of a project. The above are essential to be a great project manager.

You feel we left some other essentials out, let’s talk about them in the comment section.

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