Just in case you landed here while still wondering if professional certification in Nigeria is worth your time and money, well the answer is an emphatic yes. It really still makes a whole lot of sense to invest in professional certifications in Nigeria. This is because when the window of good opportunity comes knocking, you don’t want to be knocked off by a professional certification that you could have acquired within two months.

Like other countries, developed or developing, Nigeria employers are always on the look out for candidates with talent to help drive their organization. And as the world is fast becoming a smaller global village, employers are more interested in your global competence. And the best way to prove that you are vast in skills and knowledge required to function globally is by a professional certification.

Heck, many employers even value good professional certification above experience, and you would be shocked to your core what value a professional certificate holds when a holder is placed side by side with a non holder in the interview hall or “consideration scale”. In fact employers will make better offer for you to leave your current job once they see you have what it takes. Therefore, professional certification is a sure part to career growth if you seek growth in your career journey.

Some Fact About The Worth of Professional Certifications

A survey conducted by Axelos among more than 1,800 individuals and decision-makers across 91 countries and 24 industries has the below outcome among others:

  • On the question whether professional certification is still a valuable indicator of knowledge and expertise, the answer was a resounding yes.
  • The survey shows that 97% of decision-makers and 84% of individuals agrees that professional certification has a positive impact, bringing higher efficiency and employee satisfaction.
  • The survey confirmed that only one in twenty decision-makers think non-certification courses are more important than certification ones.

Similarly, ftp.learningsolutionsmag and Salary.com research shows that “professional certifications can have a positive impact on overall wages, even if you already have an academic degree… Certifications and memberships in professional organizations or trade associations can have a positive effect on pay. However, if a job calls for a certification you don’t have, you might not get the job or your pay might be set at the lower end of the range. Some employers require employees without certifications to work toward them.”

Furthermore, having a professional certification that is considered optional for your job can still serve to help you negotiate for a higher wage according to Learning Resources. Employers knows that candidates who form the habit of investing in their career by increasing knowledge don’t just do it for a better pay. They are constantly investing in themselves because they want to be better solution providers for organizations.

7 Professional Certification in Nigeria to Differentiate You From The Crowd

From the foregoing, it is crystal clear that professional certification is one of the sure method to give yourself a notable edge over others in your professional field. Not only that, it is a way to take your academic pedigree to a whole new level.

Global, professional courses and exams are organized by accredited professional bodies. These courses and exams are created and made available for professionals who have completed their higher education. After preparatory classes and you have pass a professional exam, you are awarded a professional certificate to show that you possess superior knowledge in that field.

In Nigeria, having a professional certificate in your CV helps you climb up the promotion chain in your field fast. Whether you are in the civil service or any other industry, these certificates help you attain promotion faster than having just your university degrees.

1. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

PMP is the most important industry-recognized professional certification for project managers globally. The importance of pmp as a professional certification in Nigeria is hinged on the very fact that it applies to almost all industries. Learn more about PMP certification and where to get PMP training in lagos.

Some Facts About PMP

  • Most important certification for project managers
  • Applies to almost all sectors
  • The median salary for a Project Management Practitioner is $92,000. (According to PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey 7th edition, which polled over 30,000 project managers from 29 different countries)
  • PMP training leads to sharp salary hike
  • By 2020 there will be 15.7 million new project management jobs created
  • The project management industry is set to grow by $6.6 trillion by 2020.

2. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification

The CAPM certification is the perfect certification to jump-start your project management career either as a project manager or one thinking of transitioning to the field. It is a professional certification in Nigeria that applies to almost all industries just like PMP.

Some Facts About CAPM

  • It is the entry level professional certification for project managers
  • It is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Its for Project team members who want more project management experience
  • It is for existing project managers who don’t meet PMP prerequisites
  • For those aspiring for PMP certification down the line
  • About the same median pay with PMP

3. Professional in Business Analysis (PBA) Certification

PMI – Professional in business analysis certification is a business analyst professional certification designed primarily for those who work with stakeholders in defining requirements, shaping project outputs and driving intended business outcomes. It is slightly different from the IIBA business analysis certifications. Learn the importance of PBA certification.

Some Facts About PBA

  • It is administered by PMI
  • It is a professional certification of critical importance to project and business management
  • PMI PBA certification can lead to about 45% hike in your salary according to PMI and Payscale
  • Stands you out instantly

4. Associate Professional in Human Resources International (APHRi) Certification

The APHRi professional certification in Nigeria is the entry level professional certificate for HR managers. It is created for young professionals.

5. Professional in Human Resources International (PHRi) Certification

The PHRi professional certification is a credential that demonstrates your mastery of generally accepted technical and operational human resources principles independent of geographic region. It is the next level certification after APHRi.

6. Senior Professional in Human Resources International (SPHRi) Certification

The SPHRi professional certification for human resources managers demonstrate or showcases your HR leadership and compliment local HR practices.

7. Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) Certification

The GPHR professional certification validates your expertise of multinational human resources. GPHR is a global, competency-based certification that is designed to validate skills and knowledge of HR professionals who operates in a global marketplace.

Some Facts About HR Certifications

  • The top global HR certification body is Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCi)
  • Human Resources (HR) Manager pay after certification is $69,500 as against $60,000 for non certificate holders
  • Human Resources (HR) Administrator pay after certification is $50, 000 as against $43,300 for non certificate holders
  • Human Resources (HR) Director pay after certification is $90, 000 as against $80,000 for non certificate holders. See more data on Payscale

Professional Certification Preparatory Classes in Nigeria

Because of the financial burden involved in professional certifications, there is need to be well prepared to enable you pass your exams at first try. Choosing the right accredited firm to register with will determine whether or not you will succeed seamlessly. Certification Edge is a leading firm in professional certification in Nigeria to help you pass your exam at first try.

Other Professional Bodies That Conduct Professional Courses and Exams in Nigeria.

Aside international certifications there are other organizations that conduct a variety of professional exams in Nigeria.

  1. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
  2. Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria
  3. Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers
  4. Certified Institute of Cost Management
  5. Institute of Directors
  6. Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria
  7. Pharmacist Council of Nigeria
  8. West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management
  9. Association of National Accountants of Nigeria
  10. Business Education Exams Council
  11. Centre for Law and Development
  12. Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria
  13. Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria
  14. Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria
  15. Nigeria Bar Association
  16. Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria
  17. Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria
  18. Nigerian Society of Engineers
  19. Science Teachers Association of Nigeria
  20. Strategic Management Centre
  21. West African College of Physicians
  22. Manufacturers Association of Nigeria
  23. The Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals
  24. Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR)
  25. Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria
  26. Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers
  27. Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria
  28. Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria
  29. Nigerian Institute of Management
  30. Nigeria Institute of Quantity Surveyors
  31. Nigerian Institute of Town Planners
  32. Nigerian Medical Association

What is more, the right question for determination is not whether professional certification in Nigeria is worth it. The relevant question is knowing when and which certification to pursue in this dynamic labour market.

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