Today, professional certification can be found in practically almost every industry. Engineering, finance and insurance, utilities, information technology, oil and gas etc, are a fraction of the list from a wide variety of professions that have voluntary and/or mandatory certification.

Certification is now practically in almost every industry for good reasons:

  • Certification enables advancement of the profession
  • Certification aids employers to properly evaluate potential new hires
  • Certification helps in job performance analysis
  • Certification enables proper evaluation of employees
  • Certification helps organizations select the right contractors
  • Certification enhances services marketability
  • Certification is a motivator for employee’s skills and knowledge enhancement drive etc.

Professional certification also helps reduce the learning curve after joining the job. Astute business owners know the importance of hiring competent hands no matter how expensive their pay may be. This is because holders help organization in many ways, and below are a few:

1. Improved productivity

When it comes to productivity and growth, Employees with professional certifications are proven to be far more productive in organizations. The reason for this is obvious, certifications teach professionals how to deploy new methods and technologies to solve daily challenges.

2 Certification Boosts clients’ confidence in your Organization

Employing and retaining certified employees in your firm help boosts customers’ confidence in your brand or business. Clients are at ease when they realize that their job is being handled by competent hands. This not only result in satisfaction, but also increase recommendation and rating.

3 Reduces cost

Certified employees tend to stay longer with the organization or company that has invested in their career development. This in turn reduce hiring costs and fluctuation in productivity and business.

4 Improves Company performance

Certified professionals improves the performance of any organization they belong. They are knowledgeable in new methods and best practices that has multipliers effect on business growth. As a result, they handle duties more efficient than others and this reflects in the company’s image.

5 Certification Establishes peace of mind

Certified employees knows the importance of adhering to professional standards and the effect they have. This makes it easy for employers to rely on their expertise to meet industry standards and produce consistent, progressive and high quality service delivery without supervision.

7. Having Certified Employees Reduces the Employee’s Turnover

One sure way you can reduce employee turnover as an employer is to either hire certified candidates or train your current employees to become certified professionals. When this is well done, it help keep employee turnover rates below industry averages. It’s well known that one way to make people care about you is to first care about them. To demonstrate this as an employer, you need to invest in your employees, and there is no better way to invest in your employees than building their career via certification. This in turn leads to employees loyalty which impact positively on growth and productivity.

8 Employing Certified Employees Increases Your Business ROI

Professional certification programmes have comprehensive courses on best practices, rules, methodologies and relevant technologies and how to leverage them. Such in-dept knowledge helps organizations increase the quality of products and services. Products distinguished by quality often become prestige products and or services. Its common knowledge that exceptional service and quality comes at extra cost.

9 Gain stakeholders trust and credibility

As a prudent business owner, hiring certified employees certainly create trust and credibility for you with stakeholders. It makes you come across to partners as a competent hand. Because hiring professionals who are dedicated and committed to their jobs shows that you care about your company’s growth and client base satisfaction.

There are certain professional certification that employers look out for even if they are among those that require high pay. For a company that is into project execution for instance, employing candidates with PMP certification will turn out to be great asset to them. Same is true of every industry. As an employer or business owner, if you seek professional advice, you will know the right professionals that can help drive your firm to greater heights.

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