Project Management Professional Certification is a globally esteemed professional certification in project management. PMP training usually validates a professional’s education, work experience and expertise in project management. This globally acknowledged piece of credential is offered by America’s Project Management Institute (PMI) to candidates who qualify for the certification after taking the PMI qualifying exam.
The question for determination here is not whether PMP is acknowledged globally. But why this credential is essential to your career as a project manager.
Though there is no such thing as absolute value in this world, but everyone can estimate what a thing is worth to them.
Prudent career people are always in search for ways to take the next steps in their career. Steps that will add colour to their experience and earning potential. For the project manager, one of the main steps is tailored toward becoming PMP certified.
In Nigeria, one major setback for project managers getting this credential is cost. This is primarily born out of not considering the value of this credential.
Consequently, project managers often want to know if the money, classes and study is worth it.
Bellow are the benefit of obtaining a project management professional certification

1. Credibility Booster

There is this fact about resume, that every certified HR and non certified ones know. Job seekers have come to appreciate this as well. Namely, that your resume is your first impression about who you are. Especially its content and not it mere beauty and design.
If you want your prospective employers to separate you from the crowd by your resume. One sure way to make this happen is by obtaining a PMP certification.
I guess you have heard this before: That this credential boosts your credibility and sets you apart. But many don’t know how this happens.
Imagine yourself as an employer presented with two or more candidates for an open project manager’s position.
What kind of candidate would you rather employ?
I bet you would want to choose a candidate that values and is investing in his career. Someone who is globally recognized in the required field
The answer is not far fetched.
Passing the PMP exam requires you to have a good working knowledge of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide. PMP training tells prospective employer or current ones that you have attained this knowledge.
Therefore, even if you don’t want to change your job, your employer or clientele will take your certification as clear cut evidence of your commitment to your career and to being the best project manager.

2. Opportunities For Better Job

Project management is a fast growing need. This need has in recent time outpaced the supply. This makes project managers, especially the certified ones in high demand. And where demand is high, cost of procurement rises higher.
Because the demand for project managers is high in a number of industries, it will be important to give yourself the best competitive edge over other project managers. The training, experience, and knowledge that comes with being certified in project management gives you that exact edge needed to land you a better job.

3. PMP Certification Leads to a Sharp Salary Hike

PMI’s salary survey ninth edition shows that, “Certifications such as PMI’s globally-recognized Project Management Professional (PMP) provide a significant advantage when it comes to salary and earning potential. Among survey respondents, those with a PMP certification garner a higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without a PMP certification.”
Since PMP makes your credibility instantly recognizable, project managers have an automatic advantage over those who don’t have it. Employers are always on the look out for the best and are willing to pay to get them.
Small businesses and 100 fortune companies alike place a good value on PMP certification, and all that it entails. They are willing to pay more for that value.
No matter the study classes and monetary cost of PMP certification, the benefits far outweighs the cost. While the cost is just a one time thing, the benefits are career long.

4. PMP Training is Useful in Almost Any Industry

There is need for project managers in almost every industry. This is because a variety of brand always have projects to execute. These companies want their projects executed with accuracy and professionalism.
In this century, organizations and businesses are constantly on the look out for certified project managers. Their skill and expertise is needed by corporations to stand out from the competition. Leading sectors including manufacturing and construction, finance and insurance, utilities, information services and publishing, oil and gas etc, are in constant need of project managers.
It is true that there are organization that require services that you need to learn about. But your knowledge from PMP certification will work well in executing better projects. Also, the knowledge will better prepare you to manage projects for anyone, anywhere globally.

5. Increased Job Security

In current Nigeria, there is high job insecurity as the country falls among the top 5 poorest in the world. In developed clime, artificial intelligence is becoming a treat to human jobs. Robotic engineering increase further makes this harder. These often translate into downsizing, and there is no preventing downsizing when it becomes inevitable. But project managers have a pretty secure position even in downsizing companies. Ongoing projects must be executed by project managers.
Despite the above fact that makes workers fear for their means of livelihood, Project managers continue to be in high demand. Recent PMI’s Job Growth and Talent Gap Report, states “Across the globe, there’s a widening gap between employers’ need for skilled project management workers and the availability of professionals to fill those roles.”
The trend in the report has continued steadily since 2008, when PMI first gathered data on project management demand in industries.

6. PMP Gives You International Recognition

Project management certification is well recognized globally. Employers love those who bring new functional ideas to the table. In 2007, Project Management International earned ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation for the PMP certification program. This achievement gives PMP certification credibility in over 100 countries that have adopted and endorsed ISO standardization practices globally.
This means that the global community recognizes Project Management Professional certification as being of value. And also indicate a level of experience and qualification which non-certified managers do not posses. A company that seeks a strong global presence and recognition needs to take certification more seriously.

7. PMP adds Value to Your Company

As an entrepreneur, when you hire certified project managers, you will be able to rest easy. The assurance that a competent staff is handling your project execution affairs give you peace.
Certified project managers have extensive information and knowledge about project risks. They know how to navigate and avoid such risks. This will result in saving money that would have been lost and translate to your client base getting satisfaction every time.

8. Beneficial Networking Opportunities

PMP training and attaining membership with PMI is a huge opportunity creator. It gives you opportunity to network with many other certified project managers in your industry and across the world.
An important part of staying ahead in your career is networking. This certification gives you instant connection to others in your field globally. The benefits of being part of this international community are extensive.


More executives are beginning to understand the major hindrance to acquiring this credential. The problem is neither finance nor time constraint or study effort. The main identifiable hindrance is planing. For many seeking project management professional certification, there is need to speak to an expert. A personnel that will help plan the best time for you to take the PMP exam.
At Certification Edge, we have professionals that will help with scheduling the best time to take the course
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