Certitication Edge Executive Development Academy

CEED ACADEMY is an executive development academy that provides young and experienced Leaders and managers with all round management education required for originality and provocative thinking. We challenge conventional ways of doing business and empower people to make the world a better place by pushing for more

Our Masterclass Program

Our Program prepares executives to take on greater responsibility and meet today’s complex business challenges. It assists with honing your skills and talent and gives you practical tools and experience that you can use straight away.

Our Masterclass program is innovative, challenging and focused on the real world. It provides the latest business knowledge and relevant tools, builds management and leadership skills, and gives you hands-on experience. It stretches you in ways you never imagined, giving you new perspectives and insights. In short, our masterclass programs offer you a life-changing experience.

Our Mission

We educate leaders who solve business problems

Each element of the Academy’s mission—to educate leaders who solves business problems—is infused with meaning.


And, of course, the first component of the mission is educating, which we do in many ways—through our educational programs, through the ideas our faculty produce and disseminate, and through the influence we achieve by being close to leaders of organizations across the world. We believe when we help a leader become a problem solver it has a ripple effect on the business and the world at large.


When we talk about leaders, we mean people who make a difference anywhere they go by setting the pace and challenging the process with the right character and competence level required for transforming business systems.

“Solve business problems”

Every organization has something impeding productivity, performance and profitability.

Solving these problems requires a certain kind of behavioral patterns displayed by leaders and managers. Organizations need leaders who can discover the underlying causes, recommend solutions and take the lead in assisting with organizational transition to the future state.

Indeed, what distinguishes CEED Academy is that our graduates are problem solvers everywhere they go.

Our Core Values



Resilience: We never ever give up


Empathy: We practice two-way thinking in all we do- the business and others


Agility: we are flexible and comfortable with sudden change


Discipline: we go the extra mile to get the result we want

Our Courses

Customized Courses

We understand that every organization is unique and different, which is why we don’t force a plan or process on you or your organization. We take the time to really listen to you and then work with you to develop a customized plan to help you reach your goals. While our Masterclass is mainly fixed training according to our training calendar, our customized courses are created to meet specific organizational needs.

With every business solution, we begin by listening to the client, so we can fully understand the business challenge. Our goal is to provide solutions to your most complex business problems, so you can achieve your strategic and tactical goals.

Masterclass Certificate

CEED Academy’s Masterclass Certificates is formal recognition of your professional development and commitment to continuous learning. Pursuing a Masterclass Certificate allows you to further your business knowledge and skills. Our Masterclass programs run throughout the year and are typically five days in duration.

Discover which Masterclass is right for you and your team: We offer an executive masterclass in three Areas of concentration designed to further your business knowledge and skills, while also addressing your interests, goals, and time constraints.

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