To be candid, HR certification can make your career journey a prosperous one. As an human resource personnel, how do you picture your career in the future, will you become more relevant with time or just barely stay afloat? Has your career in HR become stagnant? Are you looking for ways to be distinguished yourself from the crowd?

If your answer to the above is yes, then, you need to know about the benefits of HR certifications and how they add value to your career.

The reason HR certification is an important certification like PMP, CAPM and Business Analyst certification is because human resources officers are required for smooth operation of every organization. This makes them important and in high demand just like project managers and business analysts. HR officers bridge the gap between management and the employees by effective human capacity management within an organization

In today’s competitive labour market, having a BSC or Masters degree is not enough. Possessing a globally recognized HR certification will set you apart in Nigeria and cause you to stand taller than other candidates.

So, whether you are just starting out in HR and aiming for aPHR certification or other more advanced HR certifications like PHRi, SPHRi, GPHR, the Human Resource Certification Institute is the right place to seek certification.

Below are five essential benefits of HR certification in Nigeria.

1.) HR Certification Leads to Better Pay

It is common knowledge that people with BSC will not receive same salary with those holding masters certificates. Now consider those holding a globally accepted certificate of competence.

Research shows that HR professionals in senior job roles earn significantly more money than non-certified HR professionals. Payscale states that the median salary for HR professional is at least $10,000 more annually than a non-certified HR manager.

2.)  HR Certification Ensures Better Performance on the Job

The reason for this is because HR certification training equips HR managers with advanced skills for better job delivery. They will be able to access situation better and hire better personnel for the company they represent.

According to research conducted by the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), those with HR certification are more likely to perform better, offer more excellent HR skills and show better promise for future positions in the HR field.

3.) HR Certification Demonstrates Candidates Level of Proficiency

Just like PMI certifications will boost your career and set you up for a better career part, enhancing your HR credentials with an HR certification demonstrates and acknowledges your level of agility in your job role.

While some HR certification focus is on risk management, others are on workforce planning and development, human resource development, business management and strategy, compensation and benefits, etc.

4.) HR Certification Distinguishes You From Your Peers

One of the sole reason for obtaining an HR certification in Nigeria and other places is because you want to stand out from your peers. If you are already employed in a good organization as an HR professional, obtaining a certification will mark you for better roles, pay and promotion.

Savvy HR professionals understands the benefit of adding a global certification credential to their resume. Certified HR professionals are those more valued by employers and seen as being more self-motivated and capable of delivering exceptionally on the job.

5.) HR Certification Provides Enviable Networking Opportunities

Becoming HR certified will enable you meet with other HR professionals and open you up to awesome networking opportunities. According to the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), over 140,000 professionals in the HR field have a certification. With that number comes the opportunity to meet and share opportunities with other professionals globally. Networking is an essential part of sporadic career growth if leveraged properly.


HR certification in Nigeria is becoming a popular trend in Nigeria as more HR professionals are becoming wiser at selling their worth. If you are looking to get an HR certification in Nigeria, Certification Edge can guide you on the where to start your certification journey.

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