It’s a common saying that change is the only constant thing in life. This certainly applies to the work place. Restructuring, downsizing, mergers and pandemic can force companies to layoff staffs that do well.

According to America Management Association, “many employees live in a constant state of fear about losing their jobs. Our research in more than 80 organizations has shown that, on average, 1 out of 2 employees believe that they do not have a good future with their organization.”

Retaining your employment involves more than just doing a good job. There are dispensable and indispensable employees. There is a way to function that makes your employer beg you to stay while laying off others. And even if you are sacked, there are things to do to get you employed fast. Below are 10 things you can do to always tip the odds in your favor:

Continually develop your skills

If you are not certified, consider getting a professional certificate. They make you more relevant to your company. Also, seek out opportunities in your work place that enable you gain new skills. Skills that add to your value and worth as an employee and job seeker.

Maintain contact with former co-workers

Former co-workers can be an essential part of your professional network. If you lose a job, your former co-workers could be you access to getting new employment fast via recommendation and referral.

Maintain contact with former bosses

Your former employer or boss are also very important members of your professional network. If your time with them was commendable, they are likely to recommend you or employ you again.

A new boss could mean loss of job

As an employee, do your best to meet all of your new boss’s expectations. But realize that they might prefer replacing you with a hand-picked new person.

Focus on accomplishments

You become more relevant as an employee by delivering value to your company. Let your accomplishments speak for you. Laudable accomplishments are often in this form:

  • Make more money for the company
  • Save money for the company
  • Initiate ideas that leads to growth

Volunteer for assignments

Volunteering for assignments in your work place when when you know you can deliver good result can help you be more relevant. This can also be added to your CV for a faster employment during job search.

Provide value to your boss

Ensure you have a clear understanding of what is important to your boss and how you can help him or her achieve good accomplishments. By doing this, you become the person your boss turns to each time something important needs to be done.

Avoid becoming an expert in non-marketable arenas

If you focus on becoming an expert in an aging technology, product, or service, you will eventually become a dinosaur and a prime candidate for the next round of layoffs.

Avoid making enemies at work

Try to live peacefully with other employees. Pained enemies can ruin your chances in a number of ways.

Be visible

Don’t just be an employee, but be a visible/notable employee. If you don’t develop relationship with other employees, they might not be able to put in a word for you when you need it.

Final Word

One way to maintain high relevance is with a professional certification. For example, a certified PMP possesses superior information others don’t have. This will enable them function and provide the organization with much value others cannot. Same is through with other certification training like PHRi, SPHRi, SHRM, PBA, etc. If you need more information about getting a professional certificate, please feel free to contact us.


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